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Smokey Oak Barbecue

130 Gallon - Competition Barbecue

130 Gallon - Competition Barbecue

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Fire Basket

The 130 Gallon Smoker is a premium offset smoker for home or smaller catering operations. Hand built in the UK from 8mm pipe with spun ends resulting in an even heat distribution and retention suitable for the British climate.

 A fully insulated firebox including the door results in excellent efficiencies which when combined with the damper creates the colour and bark you expect from Central Texas barbecue.

 A twin wall insulated flue helps with the draw and consistent temperature maintenance. This is removable for transportation.

 Our twin level, roller bearing slide out grates allow easy access making them fully usable. 1.36 Sq. metres (2100 Sq. inches) of cooking space is ample for 4-6 briskets or 14 pork shoulders or 20 racks of ribs.

 Mounted on buggy wheels for easy movement on all surfaces with a steering and pull handle.

 A roller oak handle adds to the premium finish along with Tel-Tru gauges branded with the Smokey Oak logo. A grease drain is provided along with a storage grate area underneath.

 Finished in gloss paint that won’t peel due to the firebox being fully insulated you won’t see another smoker like this in the UK.

2400mm Long x 1200mm Wide @ 550 KGs

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We offer shipping in a dedicated van / trailer. We can also export in heat treated crates if needed


When first firing up your pit run it at 22F5 / 107C for an hour and let it cool before going hotter, this allows the paint to cure.