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Smokey Oak Barbecue

500 Gallon Offset Smoker

500 Gallon Offset Smoker

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These are custom made to order. 500 Gallon propane tank with a fully insulated firebox and flue. 

Can hold 20 briskets or 12 on the bottom with 24 racks of ribs on the top / 12 pork butts

Ideal for catering, pop ups and events. 

Roller bearing grates as standard. 

There are multiple options avalable such as skids, trailer mounted or on a mover system

Please contact us for more infomation

Price is from £15k including VAT

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We offer shipping in a dedicated van / trailer. We can also export in heat treated crates if needed


When first firing up your pit run it at 22F5 / 107C for an hour and let it cool before going hotter, this allows the paint to cure.