Wilson's BBQ

Dave McCormack runs Wilson’s BBQ. Monthly pop ups / curb side collections from his home as well as teaching at various locations around the UK.

Instagram / Youtube @wilsons.bbq

Why did you choose a Smokey Oak Barbecue product?

There are not a lot of people fabricating pits where actually producing good quality barbecue is at the heart of what they do. 

What were you using previously and how does your Smokey Oak Barbecue one compare?

Various smokers over many years. The Smokey Oak pit is only comparable to the pits I’ve used in the USA.

What do you love about the pit?

Great airflow, large firebox, insulated stack and always a lot of cooking space.

Has having an insulated firebox and flue helped your barbecue / fire management 

Absolutely - I live in a pretty built-up area with my neighbours living close by. Burning a clean fire is essential. The insulated firebox means the coals burn hot and the insulated stack helps with an insanely consistent draw that allows me to tend the fire a lot less often. 

How did you find the communication and customer service 

Excellent. The guys are always at the end of a text message.

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